Highly Decorative 19th century Oak Settle

Highly Decorative 19th century Oak Settle

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W: 165cm (65")H: 170cm (66.9")D: 45cm (17.7")

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A highly decorative oak hall seat / settle depicting the battle of Medway in 1667.

This scene of the battle of Medway, was a product of the long-standing tensions with the Dutch over control of lucrative maritime trade routes. The Dutch sailed daringly up the river Medway and destroyed the English  fleet moored at Chatham dockyard. Unsurprisingly, few English paintings of the battle exist, but many Dutch ones (by the likes of Willem Schellinks)appear, most memoraby of their fleet breaking a defensive iron chain that the English had stretched across the Medway.

At the top of the scene is a small portrait of Lieutenant Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, by Ferdinand Bol (1689-1702)

This beautifully carved oak settle is ballenced either side by two detailed heraldic lions. Supported by carved cabiole legs depicting griffins.

A highly decorative and historic piece of furniture, originating probably from Holland.

circa 19th century and earlier

Settle : 19th century
Panel : early 18th century

Obviously this settle was made especially to contain the early panel.

Provinence: Ex-Morley Hall, Shopshire collection from deceased estate.

Overall Size:
Height: 170 cm / 67 inches
Width: 165 cm / 65 inches (including cornice)
Depth: 45 cm / 17.5 inches